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Where do you find inspiration?

Creating quality written words is a difficult endeavor. Ideas and thoughts turn into words on a page, and words on a page turn into sentences, sentences to paragraphs until finally there is a definite beginning, middle, and end. Where do the ideas come from? Recently I attended a writing meetup where this was the topic of discussion. One writer proudly exclaimed that often she did not have to actively seek ideas, most of the time they crept up from behind and beat her over the head. I could relate on some levels, but sometimes like many writers I struggle not so much with the initial idea, but the content for filling the gaps, the dirty little details that make or break the story.

Other ways of finding inspiration during the discussion included reading others’ works and continuing the characters adventures with different names and plot lines, but garnering inspiration from an original set of characters and plot points. Another inspiration source discussed was dreams. When we can remember them, dreams are fantastic compilations of our minds trying to work out problems and provide us with answers. Dreams often show us the solutions we’ve been seeking. Want to try out the dream method, check out some instructions on this exercise. The article even references that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was engendered from a dream. I would contend probably laced with laudanum, but nonetheless the story still came from a dream. If your still short on ideas, I also came across this blog post on 31 ways to find inspiration.

The weekends are when I really take time to focus on my writing, which is why I’ve chosen this post for today. My personal writing is heavily influenced by the events that unfold in my daily life, and I try to make it a point to keep my daily life interesting. I write to synthesize ideas and make sense of my experiences. I gather inspiration from fleeting mundane moments that serve as a seed. I get inspired through art,  photography, film, and course all of the beauty and splendor afforded by Mother Nature. I also know that great ideas present themselves in the shower and in dreams, but I’m really bad at recording those moments as it is often suggested. And finally, I get a lot of inspiration from music. Hence, I would like to share a song with the readers, maybe it’s not so relevant to writing, but it’s a great song, and for me it speaks about the little moments in life that serve as my inspiration.

Now I am going to enjoy my weekend. Today I will go and check out an indie film at the 45th Worldfest that I just found out about literally 25 minutes ago, and according to this blog, many of my favorites of film received their first award there. And then tomorrow I’m going to enjoy an early Sunday brunch with friends and head over to the Houston International Festival to celebrate the beautiful country of Argentina, which I hope to get to in the not so distant future. And all of these things are going to end up in my journal and elements of which I hope end up in my novels.

So to everyone, have a great weekend! Happy reading and writing!

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