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Memorial Day marked the beginning of the summer vacation season. Woohoo, right?! Well, for many of us that doesn’t mean much more than heat, a few poolside barbecues, and if we’re lucky maybe a week long summer vacation, but it’s still exciting— oh to be a school-aged child again and to have a 3 month summer vacation! Regardless of how you’re spending your summer, we want you to read, and we want you to read good works, which match your interests and preferences.  Since we didn’t want to take away from the gravity and importance of the holiday we recently celebrated by jumping off the diving board into the deep end with all of the books we wanted you to read, instead we are doing it on the third day of the summer season.

Beach SceneWe originally wanted to provide a list of indie ebooks to add to your collection of good “summer reading.” Compiling the list became a much messier and complicated task than originally envisioned because of the shortage of Indie-only ebook review sites we could find. So here are some things we will do today:

1)   We’re recommending you read all of the works on the Kbuuk site as of now. We want to thank our first authors who have bravely taken a chance on an unknown company in Texas. They believed in us, and we believe in them. You can find brief summaries below.

2)   We wanted to let you in on the few select Indie-only review sites that we thought were good based on frequency, search ranking, and the most current reviews. I’m sure there are plenty of sites we missed, so if you know of good Indie ebook review sites, please, let us know in the comments, but here is our list:

  1. http://indieebookreview.wordpress.com/
  2. http://incredibleindieebooks.blogspot.com/
  3. http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/
  4. http://indiecorner.net/

3)   And finally, we wanted to let you know that we’ll open up our platform for reviews. We can realistically accommodate 1-2/month depending on the length. We’re in the process of getting together our ranking system, and guidelines for submission.

Now, we invite everyone to sign up for a beta account with Kbuuk today. The first 1000 accounts get to enjoy the Benefits of Beta, and don’t let looks deceive you. Although our list of works is short, account spaces are filling up quickly because it takes time to write a book, so people have accounts, but just haven’t published yet.

So without much further ado here is our list of works broken down by genre that you should get to this summer. Think yours should be included? Publish through our site, and we’ll take a look!


Huntress – Nicole Hamlett

This book is fun, flippant, and imaginative. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever read. The protagonist Grace Murphy has recently divorced and is reeling from the fallout. Not only is she dealing with this drama and now raising her son alone, but she also finds out she is descended from Greek gods who aren’t really Greek gods, and she has superhuman powers and must save the world. Whew!

Grace is an interesting character. She is always dripping with sarcasm, and I see her as a “cool” mom. She uses a lot of profanity, all the time. She’s strong-willed and determined, but there is also an underlying insecurity that arises from her past as an adopted child and her failed marriage that she is successfully overcoming in her new role.

The book really picks up in the end. The characters develop more and the scenes and the plot line start becoming more fast-paced. There are some slip-ups in the writing. I’m not going to lie; I noticed them. Overall, it’s not for everyone, as far as the characters go and the content of the plot line. Modern, single mothers with an affinity for the supernatural would appreciate this work, as it definitely has an empowering element to it. The love story and the fight scenes left me wanting more, but as far as light summer reading goes, and you fall into the aforementioned category or if you’re curious, give it a shot.

Rifts – Nicole Hamlett

Rifts is the continuation of Huntress, I’ve read the preview version we have available on the site. The story picks up with Grace realizing that she has a sister, who ironically enough is married to her current love interest. I haven’t read past the preview, but this could get interesting really fast.

Dead Man’s Forge and Other Short Stories – T.M. Hunter

In this Triple Shot of Aston West, T.M. Hunter gives a small dose of the life and times of space pirate Aston West. From the short stories we gather that Mr. West is a lovable drunk with a conscience despite the fact that his profession is space pirate and he gallivants around the universe looting spacecrafts. Just from reading these few short stories, I get the feeling that Mr. West drinks the way he does to escape something dark from his past, and I guess it has something to do with his time spent with the Defense Force that makes him so bitter and jaded, but underneath it all, he really has a heart of gold.

His motives are pure, but his actions are questionable. He’s a space vigilante. He has scruples, but he’ll also lie to your face to avoid getting caught. In these three short stories you get to see Aston West’s great instincts as he gets by with a little help from his friend a.k.a. his ship’s computer system, Jeanie.

  • Ever Dark

Ever Dark showcases the dark side of life as a space pirate for Aston West and the struggles he encounters out on his own in the furthest corners of the universe. Space is lonely and things happen out there that prove that man will always be fighting the good fight between good and evil.

  • Samaritan

Samaritan tells the story of a good deed gone wrong. Aston’s instincts save him along with the help of his almost human ship computer. Aston stops to help a seemingly stranded couple whose ship breaks down en route to an anniversary celebration. Things suddenly go awry and Aston’s sixth sense combined with the intuitive actions of his companion/ship computer system Jeanie save him from a certain fate, and allow him to continue along on his way, a space cowboy alone in the universe.

  • Dead Man’s Forge

Of the three stories, this was my personal favorite because it really showcases the true character of Aston West. He’s willing to risk it all for the sake of the right thing, just like all great heroes.

The Reaper’s Harvest – Daniel Powell

I have not had the chance to read this book yet, but judging from summary, it seems like something I could get into. Also, I appreciate that it’s constrained by a very specific amount of time, “one season’s harvest.”


Frank Sinatra is the Angel of Death – Nathan Savin Scott

This is a great collection of poems from a personal friend, who we’re so happy to have on board so early in the game. From what I can gather most of the poetry comes from his time in college, and I love the fact that he writes so much about New Orleans, one of the places I call home. As far as my favorites go, I’m a personal fan of The Last Days of Miriam, Guest Speaker and Writing Morning.

L’aria Onyx – Sahm Ataine King

I have yet to read any of the poems in this collection, but after reading Sahm Ataine King’s bio and the summary of the book, I’m looking forward to it, consider it on my upcoming list. Although from what I got from the preview, it doesn’t seem light, I too am a wanderer, so I can fully appreciate where the author is coming from.

Lightning Rides and Other Highs – Tom Lucas

This collection of poems by Tom Lucas examines emotions, most of them dark and painful, often exploring a past time when things were different. The writing is heavy and evocative. My personal favorites are My Gift, Your Torment, Watch Your Step, and Get These Thoughts Out of My Head.

Happy Summer Reading and Writing!