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Christmas Lights

photo courtesy of toooooool on Flickr licensed for use under CC

Is it just us, or did 2012 fly by? Obviously it’s been a very fun year because we can hardly believe we’re already one week into December. You know what that means… Winter wonderlands (-ish in Texas. We hear it’s going to cool down a bit more in the upcoming days), holiday cheer, people in good spirits, family and friends, and gearing up for the ever-important New Year’s resolutions to make ourselves better in 2013.

In light of the upcoming holidays we’ll be sharing stories of goodwill here on the blog. Also, we’ll be talking about the great tools and features we’ll be giving to you so you can take advantage of them in the Kbuuk system. We recently launched our app store, and there are some great features currently available to help the independent author achieve his or her publishing goals. We’ll be providing you with some great resources on how to use the system, so stayed tuned, and we’ll be letting you know how to optimize your time on the Kbuuk platform.

This December we’ll also resume the Author + Entrepreneur series we started a few months back. We’ll be finishing that series and putting all of the posts into ebook. That ebook will be available for download in early 2013 when we’ve completed all the parts of the series, if, of course, the world doesn’t end on December 21. We’re optimistic, but you never know, the Mayans could have been right.

Lastly, tomorrow we’ll be starting a new type of blog post to showcase what our Kbuuk system can do! We’ll provide an image and write the first comment to serve as a writing prompt. Then continue the story by posting another comment below. We’ll see where the story leads us, and then we’ll publish the story in an ebook for distribution, and we’ll add you as a contributor! You’ll be able to find the published books in the Kbuuk Bookstore, and we’ll also promote them on all of our social media channels.

Happy reading and writing to all, and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post for some Friday fun!

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