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Today’s post comes to us from Christina. This is Part 1 of her recent trip to Rwanda. We’ve broken the story into three different pieces. We hope you enjoy her heartwarming tale of compassion as much as we did.

Child in Africa

Changing the World, or at Least Trying to…Rwanda Part 1

This year, instead of spending Thanksgiving running the Turkey Trot and researching vegan stuffing recipes, I headed to Rwanda to try and change the world. It was a trip with my church through an organization called Africa New Life, and our mission was to go, see, hear, and come back and tell.

The best way I can think to begin to do that is to post snippets from the email updates I sent out while in Africa. Let me preface this by saying I am a Christian. Kbuuk isn’t exclusively Christian – Kbuuk is a cool indie publishing company for whom I happen to write, so please don’t take my words to represent the company; rather, let it represent me, a thankful writer, in the middle of Africa trying to convey what I saw and heard.

…Tuesday we visited an orphanage to simply see, hear, and love on babies. I was not prepared for how hard it would be. I was fine seeing all of the children, even holding and playing with them, until I noticed the cribs along the wall where the handicapped children lay. I walked over, put my hand in the hand of a child of around 4 who had a crooked body and wandering gaze, and watched him/her light up in a smile. All because of a touch on the hand. I can’t help crying again as I type. Oh that God would bless those children. We spent only one hour there, and I don’t think the group could have handled more emotionally, but during the hour we jumped rope, held toddlers, and silently prayed and fought tears as we swayed with them in the concrete courtyard where they play…

In answer to “How can I change the world?” some of my teammates on the trip came home and made slideshows, some are busy taking friends to lunch to convey face to face what we saw in Africa, some have speaking engagements lined up. And I will write. I hope you’ll read along, go out and change the world with me, and write about what you see and hear.