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Looking to give the perfect holiday gift this season? Dust off those old manuscripts you have in composition and spiral notebooks, or open up those computer files you stashed away in some remote folder long, long ago and do something with them this year. If the best gifts come from the heart, isn’t a book written and published by you one of the best gifts your loved ones could receive? It could be that novel you recently finished, a collection of essays and short stories, or even a book of poetry. And if you haven’t written something yourself, what about gifting the eloquent prose of your favorite independent author, or gifting the undiscovered words of the next great literary titan? Today Christina fills us in on how to wow a room with your gifting abilities.

Best Gift Ever

Best Gift Ever

Gifting Ebooks (AKA How to Become the Most Desirable Person in the Room)

The nuts and bolts of gifting eBooks:

Kbuuk: Publish your masterpiece, and select “Gift this Book” in the PubHub section.

Amazon: find the perfect eBook. Click “Give as a Gift”.

Barnes and Noble: choose your eBook. Click “Buy as a Gift”.

Kobo: you get the idea – and then click “Send as Gift”.

Easy peasy, I say. Here’s the juicy bit though. The part where I make you the most desirable man or woman in the room.

First of all, you still have some wrapping to do. “But won’t they be receiving an email?” you ask? Why yes, yes they will. But an email is not a proper present. A present is something wrapped with a bow. Take notes:

  1. Find a rock, or some marbles, or a pear, or an old candle.
  2. Find a LARGE box. Please note that a large box means NOT a jewelry box.  I don’t care how good our books are  – it’s going to upset the heck out of some lady if she thinks she’s getting a diamond and instead receives your favorite eBook about botany.
  3. Place the rock/marbles/pear/old candle inside your box to create the illusion of a hefty gift inside that box.
  4. Print a fancy Word document saying something along the lines of: Happy Holidays! Enjoy your very own digital copy of [insert masterpiece here]. Will you marry me?!
  5. Delete the marriage proposal if not applicable.
  6. Insert the paper in same box with hefty item.
  7. WRAP IT. With a BOW. Yes, you have to.

Ta da! You’ve successfully gifted an eBook. When you marriage is more blissful, your friendships deeper, your grandma loves you more than ever, you can thank us with an eBook, written by you, and published right here on Kbuuk.

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