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Today’s post comes to us from Christina. Don’t descend into madness, take a look at the tips and suggestions she offers for overcoming a frustrating case of writer’s block.

Read Well & Write Crap

Overcoming Writer’s Block – Reading Well and Writing Crap

Sometimes I imagine writer’s block to look like a disheveled man with a whiskery beard rubbing his face at his computer screen, drinking mug after mug of coffee and typing the same sentence intro over and over, slowly going mad. What it looks like in my house is me in the kitchen baking banana bread, happily humming along with the radio and spilling flour all over my countertops. See, I give up way too easily without a deadline.

But when I do have a deadline and writer’s block creeps in, I’ve found two things help.

  • Read Well: It happened three weeks ago. I was to write something witty and informative and snappy and readable, but my brain refused, willing only to dole out small lumps of mush and clichés. The dreaded writer’s block. I actually found myself writing things like “Boys will be boys!” and not even using it ironically. And so I gave up, snapped my laptop shut, put on a pot of tea and opened my eReader to the crazy clever novel I’d been engrossed in over the past week. And then I actually crawled in bed with it. In the middle of the day. When I should have been working. And then you know what happened? Do ya? It clicked. And reading that well-written book made gears and pulleys start twisting and cranking in my brain and all of a sudden, I had writer’s flow!
  • Write Crap: This is not an original idea here. After you read a chapter or so of someone who writes better than you, you get to writing some crap! I’m talking major poo, people. Because writing poo is a much closer start to writing some wickedly good prose than sitting in your underwear scanning Facebook status updates.

And while you’re at this, set some self-imposed deadlines so you don’t end up like me. Now, get to reading well and writing poo, and when you’re finished, come up to the Kbuuk office break room and I’ll serve you some nice banana bread.

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