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Today’s post comes to us from Christina, and personally I have to agree with her philosophy on physical books. I avoid writing notes in physical books at all costs to both uphold the integrity of the physical book and probably because I’d be mortified if I wrote a really personal reaction and then loaned it out without thinking about my notes. My ebooks on the other hand are marked almost to incomprehension for another reader with highlights and notes. Reading ebooks has become a completely new experience for me. If you have any stories about notes in books and/or ebooks please leave them in the comments below.

Taking Notes in Books – You go, Kbuuk!

Ebook Note-taking

The new highlight and note-taking feature in the Kbuuk reader can also be found in the Kbuuk iPad app!

To jot notes while reading a paper book, I pull out a handy notepad and situate it beside me. This is because I refuse to write in paper books. I like my pages clean and unfolded; I own no “dog-eared old copy of” anything. I want my novels to remain pristine, and frown when my husband sets a glass atop one of them. I even cringe writing in my bible. Once, a pastor instructed us all to write something in the margins and I winced, trying carefully to print as tiny and neatly as I possibly could and mimic the print of the actual scripture.

That’s one reason I love reading ebooks.  (I know, I sound like a commercial, but it’s true.) If I want to take notes, my book remains perfectly intact, a compact plastic gray book that stays clean and doesn’t fold at the edges. And no bleeding ink! It’s why I’m falling even more in love with Kbuuk by the day. We can now take notes in our Kbuuk reads! Simply highlight the word where you’d like to take a note, and up pops three dainty choices – Twitter, Facebook, and Notes icon. Choose the wee symbol to the right, the speech balloon, and insert all your insight.

Oh and listen to this. It’s the small things that do it for me, people. After you (and I) add notes to our favorite reads, that tiny orange speech balloon with ellipsis inside shows up where we placed our note, a little “Here’s where you said something clever, reader,” if you will. It’s like a little jewel box just for us.

So you get to reading and taking all your notes, and I’ll get to taking notes on the rest of Kbuuk’s gems they’ve rolled out over the past weeks.

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