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Here are five more great reasons to try more independent authors in 2013 continued from the previous post, 10 Reasons to Read More Independent Online Authors in 2013 – Part I.

  • 5) People love telling their personal stories, and our experiences unite us. You can potentially find a similar solution to a problem in your own life in the form of someone’s narrative. The world of independent online publishing opens the doors for people who may have never thought about publishing before to publish, so there are all kind of stories to help and inspire you.
  • 4) It’s so much fun to be the discoverer of new and interesting things. Some say space and underwater are the final frontiers. Not so my friends, there is so much content being created out in the world that the Internet will be the next frontier of exploration. Information and content are the new frontiers.  To infinity and beyond!
  • 1)   Because it’s the future. And you have an opportunity to be an early adopter. The ebook revolution is just beginning, we’re right on the cusp of one of the greatest disruptive innovation cycles since perhaps Gutenberg invented the press, don’t be late to the party.
Product Adoption Curve - Early Adopter

Don’t be a laggard! Happy Reading and Writing.

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