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In recent news Kbuuk joined forces with VoiceBunny, a company that The Next Web named on of it’s list of 13 Promising Tech Startups to Watch in 2013, to provide independent authors access to the audio book creation process. In today’s post Christina makes the case for audio books. Just think of it as a whole new market to get your work out there!

Kbuuk and VoiceBunny

Mr. VoiceBunny rockin’ his Kbuuk t-shirt. We think he likes the logo bc it’s orange, like carrots.

Did You Hear This? Audio Books

Kbuuk, you’ve outdone yourself.

Twice a year for the first seven years of my marriage, my husband and I drove from Houston to Atlanta and back, 13 hours each way. As with most things in my life, I falsely romanticized the trips in the days prior. Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” played in the background as I imagined my lover and myself immersed in deep conversations as we drive through Louisiana, then a quick shift to hysterical laughter as we eat cheese nachos during the jaunt through Alabama.

Thing is, I don’t eat cheese nachos, and once we exit Houston city limits I fall asleep. As we approach the Louisiana border, I wake to hear my husband slapping his own face to stay awake. That’s my cue. Wake up unless I fancy a quick veer off the side of I10 due to a sleeping driver.

But this was until we found audio books. Oh the bliss! Even the horrible ones keep us both awake (Think, autobiography of Chuck Norris. I’m sorry, Mr. Norris.).

And what’s better? Writers of America, Kbuuk has provided a way for you to slip into road trips across the country. From Sacramento to New York City, the voice of your book can fill those traveling Volkswagens. You know that line? The one you worked on for days, editing and rewriting until finally, it all came together and it was just so beautiful? Imagine that line pouring out of the headphones of your reader who is driving to his next convention.

So head on over to the app store at Kbuuk and check out this handy new feature so that you can road trip with the best of them. And don’t tell Chuck Norris I didn’t like his book.

Learn more about VoiceBunny.

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