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A few months back we offered a Friday writing prompt to spark imagination and spur the creative juices of our followers. Well, we’re back at it again. How’s this for a writing prompt:

What do you do when a mysterious meteorite come hurtling towards Earth in the early morning hours over the Ural Mountains?

First, you pray, wish, hope (pick your verb) that the residents of the affected areas are OK. That the 1000+ individuals seeking medical attention are doing so for the treatment of minor injuries like cuts and scrapes from all that exploded glass. My heart sincerely goes out to all of the families affected by this event, physically, emotionally, and economically. But the second impulsive reaction, especially if you are a mystery or thriller writer, should be to let your inner writer’s imagination run wild and go with it. Use this event as fodder to inspire your next story. It has the makings of a Dan Brown-esque novel to me.

Let the conspiracy theories abound. My first reaction, “Meteor? Yeah right, sounds like someone is testing weapons.” Initially I read reports where Russians cry foul by Americans, and someone injected an Israeli hypothesis. So far no radioactive material has been found near sites of impact, and the mass was supposedly formed of iron and rock. Also, NASA recently confirmed that the meteor in Russia has nothing to do with DA14’s projected flyby. Wait a minute, there’s something else orbiting out there?!

DA14's Projected Trajectory

DA14’s projected trajectory photo courtesy of NASA

Let the questions guide your writing and see where they lead you. Are all these meteors and asteroids a sign of impending doom foretelling the beginning of the end? Melancholia, anyone? Is it possible the Mayan calendar is off a few months from all those leap years and daylight savings time? Is this meteor inscribed with a message from a distant galaxy? Infested with a mutant super virus? Has Superman arrived in Russia? Is it even a meteor at all? And if it is some nation testing weapons, what is their motivation? So many stories just waiting to be told!

We’d love to hear your wildest stories in response to this morning’s event, and we’ll be happy to publish them in an ebook and give you credit if you leave your responses in the comments below. And if this occurrence inspires your next great masterpiece, we encourage you to publish your work on the Kbuuk platform and share it with the world via Kbuuk, Amazon, Kobo, and Nook.

Happy Writing!

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