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While we all know the importance of being able to confidently order a signature drink at a bar while winking at someone across the room – “Hey bartender, I’ll have the mango mojito,” we thought you might want to learn some other pub terms as well, just to round yourself out. Below, a small handful of terms that get flung around and why you might need to know them.

Isn't learning about publishing terms fun? Cheers!

Isn’t learning about publishing terms fun? Cheers!

Agent/Agency – This is the guy or gal who represents you and tries to get your work published and sold. Kbuuk deals directly with writers, though, so agents get to take nice Hawaiian vacations once writers arrive here.

Cover Art – The doodles you smack on the cover of your book. And despite what your Grammy told you growing up, you better believe people are going to judge your book by it. Make it smart. Kbuuk provides professional help in this area (right here), because as awesome as you are at drawing a transparent cube, that’s not going to cut it.

Dedication Page: This is not part of the story; rather it’s the cutesy page before the story where you get to dedicate your book to someone. You can be as mysterious or as literal as you want here. Think, “To my husband, George” or, “To the elf from that one vacation on Mars; may we meet again.” Seriously, some of them are totally kooky. Either way, Kbuuk grants you a page (or however much space you need) to dedicate your work to whomever you choose.

Acknowledgements – This is where you thank your Aunt Susan for always believing in you and your dog for constantly warming your feet under your desk as you’ve written. You should also thank all the other folks who helped make your book possible. You may also want to thank Kbuuk for publishing you, but that’s up to you.

Royalties – That’s the money you make for selling your book. Kbuuk has one of the best royalty system out there (think 80% sounds fair enough?).

Of course there are others, so we’ll post a few more later this week. Meanwhile, check out Kbuuk’s other resources here. Cheers!