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Earlier this week we shared Digital Book World’s “How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips” on our social channels and told you we would show you how to accomplish those 5 tips with the Kbuuk system. So here it is authors. Ready, go forth and sell!

Tip #1 – Give it away for free

There are two ways of accomplishing this within the Kbuuk system: 1) you could gift the book, and 2) you can set your price point to zero and then change it at your discretion.

In order to gift a book you simply have to go to your PubHub account and click the ‘Book Sales’ option on the top navigation bar. From inside the Book Sales page click the small gift box icon on the left, and then from there you can enter in your friends’ and prospective readers’ email addresses and they will be sent an email letting them know they can claim their copy of your work.

Gift Ebook step 1 blogpost2 blogpost3

The second way to give books away for free is to set your price point to zero during step 4 of the publishing process, and promote the heck out of your book’s link through advertising and your social channels, until you are ready to up the price. The only caveat to this is if your work is distributed to third party retail channels you have to be careful of their pricing terms and conditions, but that’s the good thing about Kbuuk, full control.

ebook pricing w/Kbuuk

Tip #2 – The price is right.

We’ve got a pretty in-depth piece about pricing you may want to check out. Pricing is an art form whereby you must price your work in a way that connotes value, but that gets as close as you can to the maximum consumer willingness to pay, or else you’re just leaving money on the table. $0.99 says something very different from $2.99 and even from $4.99, but there are strategies in pricing, and luckily you can test your price points easily by using analytic features in the Kbuuk PubHub.

Again, please note the third party pricing policy caveat.

Tip #3 – Partner with e-book blogs

Well, we do have our own blog, and we’re open to any authors who have ideas or suggestions, or who just want to have a conversation with us. Additionally, we also have strategic partners who can be found in the Self-Publishing app store who also have blogs, and with wide reach and following, who I’m sure would also be more than happy to collaborate if you gave them a good reason. Additionally, the list provided in the article is a great jumping off point, but we encourage people to also seek blogs whose content relates to the plot, characters, and themes of a work.

Tip #4 – Pursue paid reviews.

This is a great one, and we even gave away a free Kirkus Indie review during our birthday promotion. We’d be happy to do it again because we know how much quality reviews mean to authors and readers.

Tip # 5 – Subsidize your writing costs with a sponsor

We completely agree and have been know to donate and support authors on Kickstarter and IndieGogo.

If you like what you see here, join Kbuuk or tell your friends, and if you’re looking for more fun features on the Kbuuk platform, check out our article on 10 Fun Things Indie Authors Can Do On Kbuuk.