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free-vector-christmas-sales-discount-decorative-elements-vector_025150_Christmas_sale3There are two kinds of people: those who love Black Friday and wake up eleventy thousand hours early just to get the best deal on [insert highly desired item here], and then there are those that prefer the comfort of their own homes, all snuggly wuggly and safe from the mobs of bloodthirsty shopping zombies.

Of course, there’s a third type (and if you’re reading this post, you may be one of them): the writer/author/artist/entrepreneur who knows just how to market his or her work to garner uber #BlackFriday sales.

So, let’s say you are the third type. And you have an amazing, well-written (and professionally edited) book you’re ready to publish. How can you utilize the upcoming #blackfriday shopping frenzy (and the many holidays that follow shortly thereafter) to gain customers and rack up sales?

Here are 6 holiday marketing tips for Black Friday (and any other holiday):

  • Offer a #BlackFriday discount on your latest book (or use another holiday discount, such as #CyberMonday, #Thanksgiving, #Christmas, etc.)
  • Give away something for free with purchase, like a previously published eBook, access to services you might offer, or promotional materials (bookmarks, pens, mouse pads, etc.)
  • Run a contest to garner more interest and gain more customers. Give away a bundle of goodies (your own books/products and/or fellow colleagues who might be interested—it’s a great way to support other authors and creative).
  • Create an event. Have a live Google hangout, a webinar, or Twitter chat session. Add in one of the above strategies for a limited number of participants to gain even more customers.
  • Give love to your current loyal customers. Don’t forget to give premium treatment to those who are already followers and fans. Do one of the above to show your appreciation and keep your customers engaged.
  • Launch a new product/book/service (using one of the above methods can be even more effective). Holidays are great times to promote something new (or reintroduce something old).

If you’ve published your book on Kbuuk, it’s easy to use these marketing tips through the PubHub dashboard. Here you can “gift” your book, offer discounts and coupon codes, and utilize other features (like the direct link to your book’s page) for contests, launches, and more.

And with a rise in e-readers and tablets, you’ll want to take every opportunity to promote your books this season. Especially when some stores are already rolling out amazing prices on tablets (yes, the early Black Friday deals have already overflowed the Internet). There’s even predictions that the iPad Air 2, which debuted in October, will see a discounted price.

So get your #BlackFriday and other holiday marketing strategies on track with some merry discounts! Customers love feeling loved and important. Show them you appreciate them (the new and the current). Appeal to their desire for exclusivity (and shopping!) using the aforementioned marketing tips (and any others you might come up with).

Have a safe and happy holiday from the Kbuuk team!